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Imma start with the background. The bg is cute, it's beautiful and relaxing. It did caught the calming aura of the winter and I love it. The color of the white grass and leaves suits well in the blue violet colored skies. The petals are gorgeous and it is pretty amazing.

For the character, the body is well portioned, the wrinkles of the outfit were not overly done, which is perfect. Suggestion for the eyes, since you tried to draw an anime eyes here, remind you of controlling the size of it because you may lose the balance of the space between the upper face and the lower face, because if you could notice it, it creates the illusion in the space of the face making the hair look bigger and the face look smaller also, you need to color the sclera of the eyes as white in order to put a boundary between the eyes and the color of the skin.

If this eyes are your art style then I completely respect that. It's just some of my suggestions if you want to consider it, if not, it's totally fine with me. The shadings were great and the character is really beautiful. Overall this piece is cute and I do appreciate such talent of yours.

Thank you for sharing it. :)
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